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Optical brighteners are used in many industries, such as the paper, detergent and textile industries, to improve colour brilliance and to enhance product optics. What would a red colour look like in a few days if it loses its colour brilliance? Optical brighteners lend colour gloss, strengthen the white in paints and varnishes, protect against yellowing and “control” adhesives. These are chemical compounds that are introduced into substances to ensure brightening.

Best of all: Optical brighteners do not have to be used in high doses in order to achieve an optimum effect – even homoeopathic amounts would be sufficient. We would be happy to advise you and provide further information.

Usefull Information

Optical brighteners help enhance the brilliance of all colours. Optical brighteners intensify the colour brilliance and make colours look more intense and brighter.

The yellowing of polymers is caused by various factors. Typically, it is the insufficient polymer stabilization. When applied correctly, optical brighteners minimize the yellowness, by shifting the wave number. This helps compensate the yellowing in such a way that the yellow cast effect is no longer perceived by the human eye.

There is virtually no area where optical brighteners cannot be used. Whether in the paint and varnishing industry, the plastics industry, the paper industry, the automotive, aerospace industry or the textile industry, optical brighteners have a wide range of applications and are indispensable in many industries. Optical brighteners are increasingly used in the adhesive and coating industries.

In simple terms, the effect of optical brighteners is ensured due to a shift in the wavelength range. Our optical brighteners absorb the light from the blue spectral range, which is perceived by the human eye as a yellow area. High-energy UV light stimulates the brightener, while emitting fluorescent light in the normal state.

In fibres, for example, other brighteners are used than those in colour masterbatches. Depending on the customer’s requirements, we advise on selecting the optical brightener that is 100% compatible with its system.

The optimal dosage of our optical brighteners is in the homoeopathic range, if it is precisely adapted to the system used. In order to achieve perfect results, it is essential that the optical brightener is completely distributed in the final product. Depending on the processing method, either a powder or a masterbatch is used. However, optical brighteners can also be dissolved and dispersed. Our experts will be happy to help you choose the right brightener and the optimal dosage for your system.

Optical brighteners not only improve the appearance of your products. Due to fluorescence effect, our optical brighteners can also be used as tracers in quality control, for example, to detect leaks or indicate the application of adhesives. Tracers are substances used for detecting the distribution in a substrate, for example, by means of UV light, and thus serve as “indicators”. The respective brightener quantity to be added as an indicator depends on the application. Our experts will be happy to advise you:

Product advantages:

  • Tracer
  • Adhesive reduction
  • Control optimization
  • Cost savings

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