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Optical brighteners for colour brilliance

Trademark protection: Whiteners protect your unique product

Optical brighteners help enhance the brilliance of all colours. It is not important whether it is a basic varnish, a car paint or a printing ink. The special advantage of the brightener application for paints and varnishes is the increase in intensity: Red does not only have a stronger effect, but also gains a lot of radiance. Plus: Optical brighteners contribute to cost reduction in production, because they are generally cheaper than expensive dyes and pigments.

In addition, optical brighteners can play a key role in protecting your brand. Finally, optical features cannot only enhance your product, but also make it distinctive. Optical brighteners not only protect the image of your brand, they also offer protection from imitations.

In order to achieve the optimum effect of optical brighteners in paints and varnishes, it is particularly important to achieve the fluorescence effect. You can rely on our experts when it comes to achieving unique, radiant results.

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Optical brighteners enhance the colours and varnishes of

  • aircraft and vehicles
  • product packaging
  • printed products (printing)


Yes, optical brighteners intensify the colour brilliance and the colours look more intense and brighter.

Trademark protection is becoming increasingly important today. Optical brighteners offer the manufacturer an additional possibility to make their products stand out from those of the competition, to label them individually and to protect them against imitations.

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  • Increased color brilliance
  • Improvement of the basic color
  • Cost savings
  • Trademark protection

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